Auditor™ QC
Data Reduction

Auditor™ QC Free Data Reduction

Free Auditor™ QC tool for data reduction of your calibration verification and daily quality control results. Access the tool at and enter your raw data. Receive instant online analysis by analyte to print or store in our online database for future reference. AUDIT® Quality control made easy.

  • FREE and easy to use data reduction online software that provides “Instant Reports”: data reduction charts, graphs, statistics, and peer group data.
  • Web-based software, no downloads needed.
  • Online historic data retrieval. Reports will update as additional peer data is entered.

Auditor™ QC Initial Login

Enter your existing Auditor QC Username and Password. If you are not a current user, simply click on New User and proceed.


Input Report Information

Select the linearity or control product, lot number, analyzer, technician, date of run, and specific analyte with associated test results.


Review Reports

Reports are immediately provided.


Hover over the example reports below to magnify. Auditor QC sample linearity report

Auditor QC sample qc report